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A national longitudinal study of Muslim diversity and flourishing

2023 - Present. In this study, we are collecting data from 2000 Muslims in New Zealand three years in a row to discover predictors of flourishing and wellbeing.

Controlling Unwanted Memories: A MultisiteRegistered Replication of the Think/No-Think Effect

2022 - Present. This study is being conducted with an international team to replicate the Think/No-Think effect

Micronutrients and Mental Health Post-Christchurch Shootings

2019 - 2020. Worked as co-PI with Te Puna Toiora in a community intervention to help Muslims of Christchurch with micronutrients after 15 March terrorist attacks.

The New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study

2019 - Present. Work with the NZAVS research team focusing on social and cultural aspects of Muslim lives in New Zealand.

The Think/No-Think Paradigm

2019 - Present. Replication of the Think/No-Think effect. Various projects including my PhD and student research.

Forensic Brainwave Analysis

2018 - 2023. Replication of Brain Fingerprinting and examining its robustness to countermeasures.

Research Students

2021 - Present


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