Usman Afzali, PhD

Lecturer (Teaching and Admin), Psychology, University of Canterbury


PhD Committee

Primary Supervisor

Master of Arts (University of California); Doctor of Philosophy (University of California); Van der Veer Institute for Parkinson's & Brain Research (Teaching/Research Organisation): Associate

Secondary Supervisor

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours and Masters of Engineering (University of Canterbury); Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine (University of Otago); New Zealand Brain Research Institute: Neuroscientist and Neuroengineer; Christchurch Neurotechnology Research Prgoramme: Director

Supervisory Role

MSc thesis student

BSc (Hons) thesis student

Josh says about himself: I am an honours student working under the supervision of A/Prof Ewald Neumann and PhD Candidate Usman Afzali. I am currently interested in the ability of suppressing unwanted memories in individuals susceptible to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I completed my BSc majoring in psychology at the University of Canterbury. I enjoy exercising and playing guitar outside of studying.

BSc (Hons) thesis student