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Published Articles

Long-term causal effects of far-right terrorism in New Zealand

Joseph A. Bulbulia, M. Usman Afzali, Kumar Yogeeswaran, Chris G. Sibley

M. Gelfand, PNAS Nexus, vol. 2(8), Oxford University Press on behalf of National Academy of Sciences, 2023 Aug 22

Classification accuracy of the event-related potentials-based Brain Fingerprinting and its robustness to direct-suppression and thought-substitution countermeasures

M. Usman Afzali, Richard D. Jones, Alex P. Seren-Grace, Robin W. Palmer, Dena Makarious, Mariana N. B. Rodrigues, Ewald Neumann

Applied Cognitive Psychology, vol. 37(3), Wiley, 2023 Feb 3, pp. 480-495

Detection of concealed knowledge via the ERP-based technique Brain Fingerprinting: Real-life and real-crime incidents

M. Usman Afzali, Alex P. Seren-Grace, Robin W. Palmer, Ewald Neumann, Sarah Makarious, Debra Wilson, Richard D. Jones

Psychophysiology, vol. 59(11), Wiley, 2022 Jun 8, pp. 1-21

Psychological impact of far-right terrorism against Muslim minorities on national distress, community, and wellbeing

Kate Byrne, Kumar Yogeeswaran, Martin J. Dorahy, Jessica Gale, M. Usman Afzali, Joseph A. Bulbulia, Chris G. Sibley

Scientific Reports, 12, 1620, 2022 Jan 31

Hate begets warmth? The impact of an anti-Muslim terrorist attack on public attitudes toward Muslims

Sadi Shanaah, Kumar Yogeeswaran, Lara Greaves, Joseph A. Bulbulia, Danny Osborne, M. Usman Afzali, Chris G. Sibley

Terrorism and Political Violence, vol. 35(1), 2021 Mar, pp. 156-174

Massacre, Earthquake, Flood: Translational science evidence that the use of micronutrients post-disaster reduces the risk of post-traumatic stress in survivors of disasters

Julia J. Rucklidge, M. Usman Afzali, Bonnie J. Kaplan, Oindrila Bhattacharya, Meredith F. Blampied, Roger T. Mulder, Neville M. Blampied

International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation, vol. 10, 2021 Jan, pp. 39-54

Perception of financial satisfaction and its implications for free first-year education in New Zealand university students

M. Usman Afzali, Julie Viviana Cedeño Bustos, Simon Kemp

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, vol. 49(2), 2020 Nov, pp. 4-14

Prejudice toward Muslims in New Zealand: Insights from the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study

Chris G. Sibley, M. Usman Afzali, Nicole Satherley, Anastasia Ejova, Samantha Stronge, Kumar Yogeeswaran, Michael Grimshaw, Diala Hawi, Zahra Mirnajafi, Fiona Kate Barlow, Petar Milojeva, Lara M. Greaves, Sarah Kapeli, Elena Zubielevitch, Logan Hamley, Maria C. Basabas, Marvin H. Wu, Chloe Howard, Carol H. J. Lee, Yanshu Huang, Christopher Lockhart, Joaquín Bahamondes, Sam Manuela, Taciano L. Milfont, Ryan Perry, Nikhil K. Sengupta, Nickola C. Overall, John H. Shaver, Geoffrey Troughton, Danny Osborne, Joseph Bulbulia

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, vol. 49(1), 2020 Jul, pp. 48-72

Disasters, policies and micronutrients: the intersect among ethics, evidence and effective action

Neville M. Blampied, Roger T. Mulder, M. Usman Afzali, Oindrila Bhattacharya, Meredith Blampied, Julia J. Rucklidge

New Zealand Medical Journal, vol. 133(1508), 2020 Jan, pp. 8-11

Exploring New Zealand National Identity and Its Importance for Attitudes toward Muslims and Support for Diversity

Kumar Yogeeswaran, M. Usman Afzali, Nadia P. Andrews, Elizabeth A. Chivers, Meng-Jie Wang, Thierry Devos, Chris G. Sibley

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, vol. 48(1), 2019 Apr, pp. 29-35


In Preparation

Brain Fingerprinting: How to do better and why?

M. Usman Afzali

Nature Reviews Psychology

Behavioural evidence of suppression-induced forgetting and its interaction with psychological traits.

M. Usman Afzali, Davide Nardo, Richard D. Jones, Joshua Lynskey, Julia Newlands, Ewald Neumann


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