Micronutrients and Mental Health Post-Christchurch Shootings


Disasters, policies and micronutrients: the intersect among ethics, evidence and effective action

Neville M. Blampied, Roger T. Mulder, M. Usman Afzali, Oindrila Bhattacharya, Meredith Blampied, Julia J. Rucklidge

New Zealand Medical Journal, vol. 133(1508), 2020 Jan, pp. 8-11

Massacre, Earthquake, Flood: Translational science evidence that the use of micronutrients post-disaster reduces the risk of post-traumatic stress in survivors of disasters

Julia J. Rucklidge, M. Usman Afzali, Bonnie J. Kaplan, Oindrila Bhattacharya, Meredith F. Blampied, Roger T. Mulder, Neville M. Blampied

International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation, 2021 Jan, pp. 39-54