Usman Afzali

Psychology PhD Candidate and Fixed-term Lecturer

New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study

Role: Research Assistant

Post 15 March terrorist attacks in New Zealand, I started collaborating with the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study (NZAVS) to conduct anti-Muslim prejudice and intergroup relations research.


Are they us? Psychological impact of far-right terrorism against Muslim minorities on national distress, community, and well-being

Kate Byrne, Martin Dorahy, Jessica Gale, M. Usman Afzali, Joseph A. Bulbulia, Chris G. Sibley, Kumar Yogeeswaran

Exploring New Zealand National Identity and Its Importance for Attitudes toward Muslims and Support for Diversity

Kumar Yogeeswaran, M. Usman Afzali, Nadia P. Andrews, Elizabeth A. Chivers, Meng-Jie Wang, Thierry Devos, Chris G. Sibley

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, vol. 48(1), 2019 Apr, pp. 29-35

Prejudice toward Muslims in New Zealand: Insights from the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study.

Chris G. Sibley, M. Usman Afzali, Nicole Satherley, Anastasia Ejova, Samantha Stronge, Kumar Yogeeswaran, Michael Grimshaw, Diala Hawi, Zahra Mirnajafi, Fiona Kate Barlow, Petar Milojeva, Lara M. Greaves, Sarah Kapeli, Elena Zubielevitch, Logan Hamley, Maria C. Basabas, Marvin H. Wu, Chloe Howard, Carol H. J. Lee, Yanshu Huang, Christopher Lockhart, Joaquín Bahamondes, Sam Manuela, Taciano L. Milfont, Ryan Perry, Nikhil K. Sengupta, Nickola C. Overall, John H. Shaver, Geoffrey Troughton, Danny Osborne, Joseph Bulbulia

New Zealand Journal of Psychology, vol. 49(1), 2020 Jul, pp. 48-72

Hate begets warmth? The impact of an anti-Muslim terrorist attack on public attitudes toward Muslims

Sadi Shanaah, Kumar Yogeeswaran, Lara Greaves, Joseph A. Bulbulia, Danny Osborne, M. Usman Afzali, Chris G. Sibley

Terrorism and Political Violence, 2021 Mar