Intermediate Research Methods and Statistics (PSYC344)

Contract (2020 and 2021)

It is a 30 credit advanced course of research methods that address a mix of topics related to research metholody and statisics needed for psycholgy.

Lecture topics:
  • Factor analysis
  • Formal modelling of processes
  • Mediation and moderation
  • Introduction to structural equation modelling
  • Robust statistics
  • t - Test
  • Non-parametric equivalents of t - test
  • The New Statistics
Class size: 150 (2020) and 180 (2021)

Student feedback overall rating: 3.9/5
Breakdown of rating:

Unsolicited feedback from students
"I usually struggle with when to use t-tests and how they work, but the way you presented the information was very helpful.
I think it was the way you seemed to explain everything without skipping over any important information and how you connected it to the other information on Wilcoxon W test, Shapiro-Wilk tests etc. It also helped that you explained clearly when to use each test and why you would/wouldn't use it
"Just watched your lectures for 344 on t-tests and wanted to say thank you for your clarity and amazing teaching. I have always been afraid of statistics and never really understood the concepts until you explained them so clearly. "


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