Intermediate Research Methods and Statistics (PSYC344)

This year, I have been contracted to teach and coordinate the  course. As a coordinator, I:
  1. am fully responsible for the course administration and respond to the Head of School.
  2. manage and design the simultaneous on-campus and online course delivery.
  3. lead a team of five: a teaching assistant coordinator and four teaching assistants.
  4. assistant with student issues in general
  5. recruit volunteer academics with expertise in specialised areas (e.g., ethics or Maori research) to deliver some lectures
  6. design assessments and ensure their timely availability on Learn (Moodle)
As a lecturer:
  1. I teach 23 (about two third) of course lectures.
  2. I prepare material for these lectures.
  3. I seek out recent research on research methodology to use as required reading.
Lecture topics that I teach:
  1. Philosophy of Science
  2. Causality
  3. Frequentist statistics: t-test, ANOVA, regression, factor analysis
  4. Replication, power, effect size
  5. The New Statistics
  6. Robust Statistics
What changed compared to the last year?
Historically, PSYC344 did not have a textbook. and lecturers used to provide reading material for the class. I realised that such articles shared by a variety of lecturers, at times led to confusion among students due to conflicting information. Therefore, I decided to adopt a textbook to bring some level of uniformity and discipline. Since the range of topics in this course was  not covered in a single book, I picked two required and one recommended textbook.

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